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aMAZEing Coasters


aMAZEing Coasters

A set of 4 unique coasters, each with an amazing maze to solve. It will be a great gift for someone who loves to entertain at home. It is a great conversation piece while hanging out and having a drink together. Not only does it keep your furniture safe from water it is a fun game to play. Not only is each set unique but with over 200 different maze layouts each game is also unique!

Wood Maze Coasters

SFX Fireworks & More

iMessage Sticker Pack

ScreenShot SFX

SFX Fireworks & More App

Exploding with fun effects!

Add the fun and excitement of fireworks to your messages with this dynamic sticker pack. Full of fireworks, smoke, flames, and more to turn your photos into dramatically engaging messages. Just drag the sticker onto the spot you want and release and the animated special effect will add the perfect amount of motion to your message. It even includes a B/W and Sepia firework explosion to add to your B/W or Sepia photos!

Stackable effects give you the ability to make them even more realistic. Just put a smoke sticker on your photo first and add a flame or firework one on top to make it stand out even more.

The Mandela Machine

The Mandela Machine

Alexandra is a brilliant scientist and although she was raised in a loving home, she often thinks about her birth mother, and why she left. Her father and stepmother encourage, sometimes only tolerating, her curiosity in science, developing a wide range of skills and abstract thought, which always come back to time-travel. The mysteries that Alex set forth secretly to discover turned into an obsession with her family life and career seemingly always taking a backseat. Now, with her life crumbling in front of her, Alex has to risk everything, including the stability of time itself, to fight through space and time. Testing her device, which she calls BOB, she travels back in time to get answers about her life. Her past, she learns is more complete than she thought with enemies in plain sight. The actions planned were based on the variables that were known to her in the future but now, with more information she must decide to continue on or to abandon the mission. The Mandela Effect, a byproduct of diverging timelines she struggles to keep her sanity. With glimmers of alternate pasts, presents, and futures filling her mind, Alex struggles to know what is true here or in some other place or time. With detectives investigating the deaths of those around her and her ex-husband looking to steal her life’s work, she risks everything to protect what is rightfully hers. Her daughter, Veronica, and BOB.

The Mandela Machine Novel 3D cover by Ryan Branco

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Use QR CSV to scan QR Codes, add to a list, and export in a CSV file for inventory and documentation.

The app adds a date, list name, and allows two custom fields to be added at the time of the scan. Use these custom fields for User name, condition, etc to help in your documenting of the items you scan.

* Use the Flashlight to have added light while scanning your QR codes in dark areas.
* Export data using AirDrop
* Create a passcode for securing scanning entries. This cannot be recovered.
* Two custom fields to add information to the scanned entry
* Create multiple lists and pick which one you want to add your scanned data into

QR CSV inventory app iOS iPhone Ryan Branco

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